Do you need to update your CICR notifications?

As the new Turkish Chemical Regulation KKDIK which would be the Turkish implementation of the EU REACH exactly as it is haven’t been published yet CICR Regulation is still in place and being enforced.

Under the light of this information we remind our clients to make the relevant updates to their CICR notifications.

The cases can be summarized as below which requires the past CICR notification to be updated;

Any new substance exported to Turkey >1 mta ( either on their own or with in a mixture)
** Any substance that the volume had increased ( including the threshold changes from 1-1000 to > 1000 mta)
** Any new importer that started importing a substance that was notified earlier
**  Any change about the classification of a notified substance
**  Any changes in the address or company name of the notified importer

Are your Turkish SDS and Label ready for the 31.05.2016 deadline?

As of 31.05.2016 the Labels for the chemical products that are placed on the Turkish market and that are classified as hazardous in accordance with the SEA/CLP regulation should comply with the same mentioned regulation.

Also the past SDS regulation (27092) will be repealed and SDS should comply with the Turkish SDS regulation 29204. If you have concerns about your level of compliance or need support for compliant Turkish label and SDS we are ready to cooperate.