Do I need to apply an approval/authorisation/registration before I sell my biocidal product in Turkey?

Yes, the Biocidal Products have to be notified or registered according to the Turkish Biocidal Product Regulation in order to be placed on the market.

The biocidal products could be notified to the biocidal inventory for the related product types, within the period which mentioned on the regulation. Please contact with CRAD Team to get information about the most recent Inventory Notification Period.

The biocidal product registration process could be summarised as follows:
1.    Submitting the Provisional Application Dossier to the MoH
2.    Performing the analysis on accredited labs in Turkey
3.    Submitting the registration dossier to the MoH along with the analysis results.
4.    When the registration dossier approved by the CA, the biocidal product licence could be received and the registered product could be placed on the market.