Chemical Labeling Program (Chem Label Pro – Label Plus)

Relevant authorities of the countries taking place in Global chemical industry as well as Turkey have been publishing a number of new regulations concerning the hazards of the chemicals to the human health and the environment and these bring certain responsibilities to the companies accordingly.
Labelling of your dangerous industrial goods and your end user products with hazardous properties is the major communication tool for risk information to the persons having possibility of contact with such products. On the other hand, up to date, reliable information complying with regulatory requirements prevents your company to face formidable situations on the legal ground.
Especially for companies having variety of products, a labelling software which is reliable, fast and in compliance with current legislation will be the major supporting tool.Chem Label Pro labelling program is able to process in coordination with GHSProfessional which draws up your SDSs. It is user-friendly software which can design your product labels along with the compulsory and company-specific information taken from GHSProfessional and print instantly as desired dimensions. This software enables you to label in many languages in compliance with regulatory obligations of a great deal of countries. With such a favorable feature this will make easier your full compliance of your exported products with target countries regulatory obligations.

UK based trademarks Chem Label Pro and GHSProfessional are the products of UL Safeware which we have been representing since 2009.
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