Biocides which are very commonly used in daily life represent a wide range of products e.g. disinfectants, wood preservatives, rodenticides, antifouling agents (on boats), in-can preservatives, used in homes, public places such as hospitals, and industries, to destroy and control viruses, bacteria, algae, moulds, insects, mice or rats. They help inter alia prevent the spread of diseases and food poisoning. Such products have strictly to be in compliance with the provisions of classification, labelling and packaging set out by the relevant legislation.

Biocidal Products Regulation with the purpose of full transposition of Turkish legislation with Acquis Communautaire and more efficient product control, has been published and came into force on December 31rd 2009 in accordance with the Directive 98/8/EC of the European Union, numbered 27449. As CRAD, we offer a broad range of services such as preparation of provisional application form, generation of labels compliant with the current regulation, SDS authoring by our certified and experienced team in accordance with Turkish regulatory requirements, compilation of required data for authorization/ registration application, overall consultancy support, in-house trainings.

With regard to above listed services, CRAD offers non-Turkish companies two options which one is to provide full consultancy to the distributor or authorized representative located in Turkey during the whole process including provisional application and preparation and submission of the authorization in case when the non-Turkish company gives consent to perform all stages of the regulatory compliance process on its behalf. But in some circumstances where the company established outside Turkey does not grant permission to perform required activities, CRAD undertakes the responsibility of any step to be taken with the purpose of the regulatory compliance associated with a mutual confidentially agreement to be drawn up between the interested parties.

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