Chemical industry has become directly associated with a number of fairly comprehensive regulations as part of environment, health and safety which affect the manufacturing, distribution and use of chemical products. The main groups of regulations can be listed as follows:

Regulations on Manufacturing of Chemicals:
When compared to the overall industry, chemical manufacturing facilities deal with much more stringent and binding inspections from the relevant authorities and are required to share a greater amount of information with the public.

Regulations on Transport and Distribution of Chemicals:
The transport of chemicals are mostly regulated by transport regulations. Although these regulations are in compliance with international conventions, country-wide regulatory requirements continue to be in force as well. The transport of chemicals is generally subject to additional regulatory monitoring.

Regulations on Chemical Products:
Placing the chemical products on Global markets also brings along substantial challenges such as classification, labelling, packaging and SDS generation in most appropriate manners. Many countries have been implementing specific restrictions and prohibitions or suggesting unusual obligations. On one hand when creating an obstacle to the markets, on the other hand such regulatory requirements may propose business opportunities when implemented appropriately.

At this point, CRAD and its expert team thoroughly experienced in above mentioned field are on hand to provide any support within the context of regulations such as REACH, GHS/ CLP, Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations and SEVESO in order for you to turn the obstacles into an opportunity.