The Korea Institute of Science and Technology in Europe (KIST Europe) in Saarbrücken, Germany is the first overseas branch of the KIST, the oldest and largest research institute in Seoul, Korea. KIST Europe's main activities cover the areas of Research and Development with european partners and the International Science and Technology Cooperation.

The Global Knowledge Research Centre (GKRC) at KIST Europe plays a major role is supporting Korean industry fulfilling different obligations under different global chemical and environmental regulations. Under the European chemical regulations (REACH and CLP). KIST Europe is acting as an OR for several major Korean manufacturers and is working tightly with different governmental partners to build a knowledge base to help the Korean stakeholders understanding their roles and obligations under both regulations.

To face the fast global changes in chemical and environmental regulations, GKRC is working to build a network of international recognized partners. Among the first steps to achieve this goal, the partnership agreement between KIST Europe and CRAD in Turkey was concluded in 2010 to support the Korean manufacturers in their Turkish chemical regulations compliance process.