Content addition date : 13-06-2023

Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change (MoEUCC) had published a set of provisions and rules to be followed for the Joint Submission & Data sharing principles under the scope of KKDİK. 

In general, the principles are in line and identical with the provisions of the EU Regulation EU 2016/9. For sure there are some nuances due to terminology naming the Authority (Such as Ministry instead of Agency) . 

Please find below the critical differences extracted from the comparison of the text published by Ministry (MoEUCC) compared with EU 2016/9. 

If we remember the Lead Registrant event that was organised by MoEUCC back in October 2022, it was stated by the officials that they aim to publish such provisions to guide and Support the Lead Registrants for a seamless cost and data sharing phase. However, due to the Earthquake occurred in South East Region of Turkiye, the priority was given to the infrastructure maintenance of the affected zone thus publication of such provisions had delayed for a long period of time. The delay caused the Lead Registrants to re-format the data sharing agreements and cost itemization where they had already compiled and started the distribution.  

 Cost & Data Sharing Principles for KKDİK Compared with EU) 2016/9

  • Prg 12 & 16 of ‘’whereas’’ part of EU 2016/9 does not exist in the published KKDİK Data Sharing Document. 
  • Prg 12 is stated as prg 14 where the prg 13 is missing. (Probably a Typo). 
  • The wording ‘’before the entry into force of this Regulation’’ is not used in the provisions published. as it is not published as a Regulation with a date of enforcement. Instead, it is noted as ‘’Before that rules’’ or ‘’Prior to the publication of these rules’’. 

Click here for Turkish original text of the provisions published. 

Click here for English translation of the provisions translated by CRAD.