One of the industries experiencing fast developments is the cosmetic industry. Request for additional evidence on the efficiency of active substances, restriction and prohibition for certain auxiliary products and allergens can be examples for such improvements. But above all, the most significant developments can be seen at certain cosmetic products such as suntan lotions which actually are for human use and having indirect negative impacts to the environment as well. The on-going studies which have been conducting give signals that new restrictions may be subject in the near future.

For non-Turkish companies having cosmetic exports into Turkey, CRAD offers legislative consultancy support within the scope of the current Turkish Cosmetic Regulation dated 23.05.2005 and numbered 25823 including services such as ensuring full compliance, authorized and restricted substances, notification etc. On the other hand, a wide range of consultancy services with respect to the new EU Cosmetic regulation is put into service for the manufacturers placing their products into the EU with full coordination of CRAD and Cambridge Environmental Assessments. For further details please contact our experts.

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