In our country with a very fast growing industrial potential, agriculture is the substantial element of both industrial and social progress that cannot be ruled out. Not only with its significant economic function on providing equal income distribution between urban and rural population but also its role in the provision of grain and cereal diversity which have a strategic importance for the welfare of the country, agriculture is a major issue which must be given priority and importance.

Efficient use of cultivated areas can only be possible with the adaptation of modern scientific technologies. Efficient use of water, use of sprinkler systems, treatment and processing of agricultural wastes are the examples for the projects which are needed for the effective functioning of the system.

CRAD is on hand to support companies which deal with or have intention to invest in Turkey with respect to agriculture industry in Turkey together with ADAS experience which for over 50 years has been the leading voice in all matters relating to agricultural production, providing a science-based understanding of the issues in order to protect the needs of producers, the supply chain, consumers and the environment.

In any issue that may pose a challenge for your business activities in Turkey such as getting licence from the relevant authorities, generation or revision of your product labels in accordance with the regulatory requirements please do not hesitate to get in contact with CRAD respective staff.