Packaging is one of the important issues in the scope of Turkish CLP Regulation. If a package includes hazardous substance or mixture, the given conditions and norms that are mentioned in Turkish CLP Regulation have to be covered. Packages are designed and manufactured to provide the content can not leak out although the product is not need to be packaged by a special equipment or material. Materials of package and caps must not be susceptible from the content and liable to produce hazardous substances with the content. These materials must be strong and durable for handling. If a package locked by an replaceable cap, it must be possible to relock the package without the contents escaping.

Specific norms are mentioned for hazardous subtances or mixtures containing packages that are released to general public.

The packages of products have not to be designed to attract the curiosity of children or do not mislead the consumers and it is necessary to prevent confusion of consumers because of presentation and design properties as medical products, cosmetic products, foods and feeds, the packages.


Regardless of the capacity if packages of a substance or mixture that is classified as Acute Toxicity Cat. 1, 2, 3 STOT-single exposure Cat. 1, STOT-repeated exposure Cat. 1 or skin irritation Cat. and released to the public use, the package have to be equipped with child resistant cap.

Packages containing substances and mixtures which are released to general public and have aspiration hazard, classified and labelled according to this hazard have to be equipped with child resistant cap.

If a substance or mixture is classified as one of the below classification and released to the general public use, warnings about contact (tactile warnings of danger) are used regardless of properties and capacity of packages and technical norms have to be compatible the the current standards:
* Acute toxicity, skin irritation, Reproductive cell mutagenity Cat. 2
* Carcinogenicity Cat. 2
* Reproductive Toxicity Cat. 2
* Respiratory sensitisation or STOT Cat. 1 and 2
* Aspiration hazard or combustable gases, liquids and solids Cat. 1 and 2

If a package is composed of internal and external packages together with intermediate package and responds the needs and rules about transportation of hazardous goods, internal and intermediate packages have to be labelled according to Turkish CLP Regulation. External packaging can be labelled based on this regulation preferably. If hazard symbols of transportation are same with the hazard pictograms which are determined based on the norms of this regulation, it is not needed to indicate the hazard pictograms on the external package.

If it is not needed to meet the rules of transportation on the external package; internal, external and intermediate packages are labelled in compliance with the provisions of the regulation. If intermediate and internal packages can be seen clearly from the outer of the external package, it is not needed to label this external package.

If a single package meets the rules of transportation of hazardous goods, the product have to be labelled according to Turkish CLP Regulation and rules of transportation. If hazard pictograms are same with hazard symbols that are mentioned based on transportation rules, it is not needed to indicate the hazard pictograms on the external package.