Detergent Communique Compliance Services

Notification of Detergents under the scope of (OG-28807 - 31.10.2013)

The products covered by the scope of ‘’Communiqué on Detergents and Surfactants used in Detergents’’ are required to be notified to the MoCT before being placed on the market. This Communiqué also aims to implement the provisions set out for detergents by the EU Regulation on detergents (648/2004 EC). The Communiqué which was initially enforced by MoH moved to MoCT for enforcement by the corrigendum published on 31.10.2013.

Products under the scope of this Communiqué can be identified as;
Detergents, Laundry softeners, Auxiliary washing mixtures, Cleaning mixtures, other washing mixtures, industrial detergents.

MoCT has a specific department with in the ‘’General Management of Consumer Protection and Market surveillance for Product Safety’’ who reviews and approves the notifications.

The procedure is identified in 2 phase:
Phase 1
Submission of notification dossier:

The notification dossier including the below needs to be submitted;
* Sample of the TR Compliant Label
* TR Compliant SDS
* Certificate of SDS author
* Notification form

The above mentioned documents are submitted in the form of a notification dossier and evaluated by the officials of MoCT. After evaluation of the dossier, approval given to the company.
Phase 2
• Publishing the ingredient sheet on web
• Compiling the Technical dossier

The regulation also requires a technical dossier to be kept ready for inspection of competent authorities at the registered address of the applicant company.

Our Services for Compliance to Communiqué on Detergents;

* Regulatory Compliance Support and Consultancy,
* Acting as representative/ applicant,
* Preparation of notification dossiers,
* Preparing Sample TR Compliant Label, 
* TR Compliant SDS,
* Compilation & maintenance of the technical dossier,
* Publication of ingredient sheet on the web ( via our specific web site ),
* Data gap assessment,
* Consultancy Services on packaging of detergents.